Pip Spiro

Pip Spiro - watercolour artist


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Friday 20th July,
 5/50 James Street, Fortitude Valley.

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The vivid and meticulously detailed watercolour paintings of Brisbane artist Pip Spiro will come to life at her solo exhibition, ALL HER GLORY, opening Friday 20 July at 5/50 James Street, Fortitude Valley. The show comprises a series of 14 large-scale watercolour compositions, brought to life through Pip’s botanical-like detail and deft washes of watercolour and gouache paint.

To celebrate the launch of the show, the artist is hosting opening drinks at 6-8pm on Friday 20 July. ALL HER GLORY will be open to the public until Saturday 28 July.  



The relentless plight of innovation, abstraction and complexity lead me towards this series of ‘portraits’ of inanimate, natural forms - flora, fruits, shells – in an attempt to counter the overwhelm and pace ever-present in today’s society and instead foster the undeniable human connection we have to the glorious beauty of the Earth.
I believe it is no coincidence that we experience such a visceral pull to the world around us; after all, the Earth that proffers a perfect rose is the same one that ultimately created and sustained our evolution as a race.  Our source is one and the same.


In ALL HER GLORY, subjects are centred on generous sheets of cotton rag paper —
the unpainted extremities reveal texture and rawness and impart an almost halo like effect around the central form. The subjects are then rendered with intricate detail and realism and scaled up in size; not only giving gravitas to the brilliance and design of Mother Nature, but also allowing the viewer to seem closer to the painting and how it makes them feel. 


Ultimately, I am striving to make art that serves as respite, a reprieve. My intention is to liberate the viewer to an embodied state of appreciation, stillness and contemplation of the beauty in the natural world available to us all — Mother Nature, in all her glory.




21 – 28 July 2018
10am – 3pm daily,
5/ 50 James St New Farm 4005